Eagle eye

The Eagle Eye is a panoramic platform and tourist attraction site in the Western Rhodopes. It was built in 2009 with funds from the local tourism association “Rhodopeia” from village of Yagodina.It is located near the Yagodina cave on Mount St. Ilia.

The platform is located at the edge of a cliff at 1563 meters above sea level. The slope displacement from the platform to the road in the Buinovo Gorge is more than 670 meters.

From the platform you can see Buinovo Gorge, Borino village, Chala village, Yagodina village, and in the distance – parts of the Pirin mountain, Rila mountain and Greek mountains.

The site is reached by a mountain path or by a high-pass car. The locals advised that the climb to the top should not be performed in bad weather, because there are many thunderstorms. It is not by chance that the peak bears the name of the thunder lord – “Saint Ilia”.

  1. Walk from the village of Yagodina to the Eagle Eye – the mountain trail is marked with blue markings and starts from the village / above the school / heading north. In the beginning, it starts on a black forest road, which at the end of the meadows passes into a narrow path. It passes under the pine forest to the northeast and exits into the “Pesture” locality, after which it make a turn. The path continue to the northwest and starts climbing rocky terrain. After exiting the ridge,the path continue west to the platform. At a slow pace, the climb takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes in direction.


Carry  a plenty of water with yourselves

  1. With Off-road vehicle – If you want to climb the top on a off-road vehicle, do not worry if you do not own one. The locals have taken care of this by offering a similar service. The jeeps are specially adapted for climbing and have open rear seats that you can shoot freely! The journey in one direction is about 20 – 25 minutes, all the time the ascent is on dirt roads and the experience is unique.

For more information call Georgi Genchev :  0878640824; 0887276982


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