Yagodinska Cave

10.5 km


+6 °C

constant temperature

1250 m

walking route


types formations


in length in Bulgaria

360 m

accessible for disabled


Rhodopea Tourist Company was established in 2002 in the village of Yagodina, Borino, reg. Smolyan. TD “Rodopeya” is an association (legal entity) with non-profit in public benefit, registered in due order to the respective institutions.

Main activities:

  • Development and promotion of various forms and types of tourism, mountaineering and tourism;
  • Attracting more young people into practicing different types of tourism for active recreation in nature, orientation, alpinism, speleology and new tourist and sporting events;
  • Formation of modern ecological culture and care for environmental protection;
  • Promoting social tourism, its base and services related to it.