About us


Rodopeya Tourist Association was established in 2002 in the village of Yagodina, Borino, Smolyan region.

“Rodopeya” is a non-profit organization registered in Bulgaria, and its main goals are to:

  • Develop and promote different types of tourism and mountaineering-related activities.
  • Engage and train more young people in different types of tourism for active recreation in nature, orienteering, alpinism, speleology, new tourism and sports tourism events.
  • Create a modern ecological-minded culture focused on environmental protection.
  • Promote social tourism.

At present, Tourist Association “Rodopeya” has 86 individual and collective members. Rodopeya is a member of the Bulgarian Tourist Union and manages the following tourism sites: Yagodinska Cave, Teshel hut, Eagle Eye (Orlovo Oko) panoramic view platform, tourist shelter Sveti Iliya and 6 tourist hiking routes.

Leadership and Management

The governing body of Tourist Association “Rodopeya” is the general assembly.

The organization is headed by a five-member Board of Directors: chairman -Sergey Genchev , secretary – Velichko Chaushev and members: Georgi Kolkovski, Snezhana Kukundjieva and Viktor Boshnakov.

The controlling body is a three-member Supervisory Board: chairman Pavlin Sariev and members – Zvetka Takova and Idaet Alimanov.